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This website and all of its DST Market Landscape Reports, are a free service providing an information resource for accredited investors who are seeking educational and up-to-date market information on DST 1031 exchange opportunities, trends, and other alternative strategies.  DST properties are offered by a private placement memorandum and are available to accredited investors only.   An accredited investor is generally described as having a net worth of over $1 million exclusive of their primary residence and or an accredited entity only. If you are unsure if you are an accredited investor or an accredited entity, please verify with your CPA or attorney prior to considering an investment into any DST investment.  

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Social Media platforms are solely for informational purposes. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where the advisory firm and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital. No advice may be rendered by NAMCOA unless a client service agreement is in place.

About DSTs

Most investors use DSTs as replacement properties for a 1031 exchange, but other investors use DSTs as a cash investment for income, portfolio diversification and tax benefits. Real Estate investments carry inherent risks, up to and including the loss of principal. Real estate is illiquid, and real estate securities (e.g. DSTs, TICs, Non-traded REITs, LLCs, and LPs) involve risks associated with owning, managing, operating, and leasing commercial real estate property.

Content has been prepared for educational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to purchase a security or real estate investment.  Investments in DSTs are solely made through a DST sponsors private placement memorandum (PPM) which is available to accredited investors and accredited entities.

Within any DST investment, conflicts of interest may exist among the asset management, the property management, the sponsors, the firm principals, their affiliates, and their associates. Some real estate and real estate securities involve leverage, which adds the risks of default and potential foreclosure if a property or properties cannot meet their debt service requirements. Leverage can amplify potential returns as well as potential losses.   If a client attempts to complete a 1031 exchange, they may incur tax liabilities if their transaction does not comply with IRC section 1031 requirements.  

DST Cash distributions are not guaranteed and may be reduced or interrupted due to under performance. Real estate valuation and cash flow may also be impacted by any of the following: fluctuations in interest rates; macroeconomic conditions; acts of terrorism; environmental factors; liability risks; risks associated with zoning, city ordinances, applicable laws, and compliance; title and escrow risks; floods, fires, and other natural disasters; credits risks; market risks; risks of obsolescence; and acts of God.

This website is not intended to be interpreted as tax or legal advice please speak to your own tax and legal advisors for guidance regarding your situation. Sections 1031, 1033 and 721 of the Internal Revenue Code are complex tax concepts, therefore you should consult your legal or professional regarding the specifics of your situation.   There are risks associated with investing in real estate and DST‘s including but not limited to the loss of your entire investment principal, declining market values, national pandemics, tenant vacancies and lack of liquidity.

Diversification does not always guarantee profits or guarantee protection against market losses or interruptions in cash flow.   Because investor situations and objectives vary, information provided may not be suitable for an investor or DST investment.

Information provided at DST News is from sources we believe to be reliable however we cannot guarantee or represent that it is accurate or complete. Past performance is not indicative of future returns, potential cash flows returns, or appreciation objectives are not guaranteed and could be lower than anticipated.  

This website  is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security which can be made only by a prospectus, or offering memorandum, which has been filed or registered with the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies, and offered only by broker dealers and registered investment advisors authorized to do so. The information found in this website is a summary of general information intended for education use only for accredited investors.

Any offer of securities is qualified in its entirety by its own offering documents. A prospectus, or offering memorandum must be preceded or accompanied by any offer of sale and read in conjunction with the offering documents in order to understand fully all the implications and risks of an offering to which it relates. Terminology such as “we”, “us” and “our” is used as defined in the offering documents and does not imply DST News viewpoint.

On a non-subscription fee basis, DST News provides informational resources to accredited investors regarding DST type investments. DST News is not affiliated with any sponsor of such investments but may be associated with the offer or sale of such investments. Securities may be offered through MSC-BD, LLC and advisory services may be offered through NAMCOA® – Naples Asset Management Company®, LLC .  This website s information above does not constitute any offer to sell any securities or represent an express or implied opinion on or endorsement of any specific investment opportunity, offering, issuer or sponsor.

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