DST Landscape Summary

DST News provides information only to Accredited Investors so they can make informed decisions whether seeking a non-correlated cash investment for current income or a 1031 replacement property. Based on survey data provided from a majority of Sponsors offering DST investment products, which individually must be offered by a private placement memorandum, we have summarized several data points that investors could use for educational purposes, to better understand the continuing changing DST landscape.

The survey results are not intended to make an offering of any type.

This DST Landscape Summary provides a broad range of criteria by asset or property type, location, cash flow expectations, sales progress and other criteria that has been provided by Sponsors. We have not vetted any Sponsor’s information that has been inputted nor have conducted deeper due diligence into survey results, of any offering, or on the background of any Sponsor, which would only take place once an Accredited Investors has retained an Investment Advisor or a Registered Representative to do so.

As new survey information is gathered on new or closed DST Sponsor activity, this will continuously adjust the survey results below.

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This DST Landscape Market Summary is as of September 25 2023

Total Available DST Equity $2,367,642,425.00
Total Available DST Offerings 69
Total Available for Cash Investors 66
Total Available for IRA Investors 34
Sponsors Permitting Leverage 50

Percentage of DST Offerings that third party due diligence is available 100%

Average Sponsor Experience* Sponsor Experience Range*
8.59 years 2 years to 20 years

* As serving as a DST Sponsor of a completed DST 1031 Offering.

1031 Exchange Cash on Cash /LTV (excluding Zero Coupon Debt Programs)

Average First Year Return First Year Return Range
3.98% 0% – 6.44%
Average Second Year plus Return** Second Year plus Return Range**
4.19% 0% – 6.75%

** Projected Returns do not reflect any tax-benefits, which will vary for each taxpayer.

LTV Average*** LTV Range***
35.76% 0% – 83.87%

*** Some Sponsors offer all cash DST offerings, meaning their is no debt or leverage. This LTV average above reflects only those offerings that do involve debt or leverage.

Available DST Offerings by Sector Type

Available DST Offerings by State